My First Personal Letter to God

Covenant, Faith, Grace / 10 May 2022 / 3 mins read

My First Personal Letter to God

This is my first personal and open letter to God, my Heavenly Father showing my profound appreciation for His grace and love and faithfulness in my life.


My Dear God and my Heavenly Father

I woke up this morning, thinking about You as I do every morning and indeed, every day. The thoughts and recollections of some of the great and wonderful things that You’ve done for me just kept streaming into my mind, as I lay there in bed. Hence, my decision to write to You this open letter. Such is Your faithfulness and the extent of Your love and wonders in my life, I cannot recall it all in a single moment.

When I go back, down memory lane in history, right from my childhood, I can see signs and manifestations of Your Fatherly and tender loving kindnesses and mercies in my life. You brought me out from a lowly and humble place through unimaginable challenges, both in practical and spiritual terms, to a place of glory where I can appreciate and comprehend Your love for me. Out of nothing, You transformed my life, and made something good and admirable of it.

Sometimes, I think of myself as a self-made man. But the reality is, it can’t have been possible without Your grace through the numerous and kind people from different walks of life that You directed towards my path, and in whose heart, You put my interest whenever occasions demanded, and thereby accomplishing Your plans and promises in my life. I became ‘the boy made good’ by Your grace. For this, and much more, I will continue to say, ‘Thank You, my God and my Father.’ Please remember those individuals too, whom You have used as Your tools to bless me. Wherever they may be now, remember and bless them and their loved ones. And just as You made them a blessing to me, please by Your grace, make me a bless to them and to others that I may come across in life. AMEN!!!

My God and my Father, I thank You for the simple attitude to life that You’ve blessed me with. And for letting me be such an ordinary person and with no itching or extraordinary appetite or desire for riches or flamboyance. To be such an anonymous person in society has endowed me with so much serenity that could only have come through Your grace and love.

My God and my Father were it not for Your love, I cannot imagine where I would be today. In fact, sometimes when I look back and reflect on what I have been through in life, I do wonder if I would be alive at all today were it not for Your love that has seen me through the difficult and treacherous times. My God and my Father, I still struggle with my thoughts and do question sometimes, why You love me so much! How have I come to deserve such exceeding and excelling love from You? It’s made me realised that Your love is truly unconditional and it’s there for the taking, through the grace of Your only begotten Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

My God and my Father, there’s a lot that I would like to say and write to You in acknowledgment of Your grace and love for me This is only the beginning. For now, I just want to thank You for all You’ve done and continue to do in my life. Please give me the grace to not forget and to always remember how faithful and loving a Father You are. And as I go forth in life, please my God and my Father, bless me and let Your Holy Spirit continue to lead, guide and counsel me, so I will not depart from this path of salvation that You’ve called me.

My God and my Father, just so You know, I have been reading the books of the Psalms lately. What I’ve read, have inspired me to compose [and continue to compose] some sweet and melodious songs of praise for You, as a token of my appreciation of Your love and grace in my life. It’s my hope that sometime in the future and with Your grace and blessing, these songs will become available for all and sundry to hear and enjoy, and together with can sing them as our praise and worship to You.

I thank You, my God and my Father, for forgiving my sins and for the grace of knowing You and becoming Your beloved son through the death and resurrection of Your only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

I love You Dad. I shall continue to rest on Your love for me because You first loved me. Please let me continue to enjoy Your grace and keep me in the ‘straight and narrow’ path of Christian fellowship with You. I cannot do it by my power!

I will be in touch again in due course, Dad. Thank You my God and my heavenly Father. AMEN.

I’m Your beloved son, saved by grace.