My second personal letter to God, my Heavenly Father

Faith, Grace, Promises / 10 May 2022 / 2 mins read

My second personal letter to God, my Heavenly Father

This post is about my expression of fulfilment of God's faithfulness in my life.


My God and my Heavenly Father. I woke up this morning meditating on my journey with You. I think of my life and the sustenance that You have continued to give me. I appreciate all that You’ve continued to do in my life without which I wouldn’t have been sustained to this day nor have any hope for the future.

I have identified several core blessings that You have bestowed upon me, not least the following:

1.     Your lovingkindness: I have come to realise that You first loved me. You showed this love even since my early childhood and youth. You taught me to appreciate the power inherent in communicating with You through prayers and songs. There was a period when I went astray and had no one to run to in my difficult and distressing times, when life had stripped me of all sense of security and safety, when my pride and joy was shattered, and all around me was falling apart. You found me and brought me out the dark and thick wilderness. You removed the garment of shame and sadness from me, washed me clean in the grace and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, Your only begotten Son. You brought me from darkness into glorious light and path where You asked me to kneel, and You prayed for me. I still remember that dream as if it was only yesterday. I still remember where the encounter took place, at the edge of that tarmacked beautiful road with a Man in a white robe that I have since believed was Your Holy Spirit. I still remember how when Your Holy Spirit laid His hand upon me and was praying upon me, the dirty and tattered clothes that I was wearing were slowly [as if in a slow motion] changing to a white robe. Your Holy Spirit has been my guide. Your love has never failed me. I just want to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FATHER!!!

2.     Your graciousness: I continue to enjoy Your abundant grace. There have been some very challenging and difficult times, but it is Your grace that has upheld me. With Your grace and the support of Your Holy Spirit, the ‘high mountains’ are flattened, the stubborn ‘brick walls’ are brought down, and the ‘red seas’ in my ways are dried up to create a smooth thoroughfare for me. It’s all by Your grace. THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FATHER!!!

3.     Your faithfulness: You have remained faithful to me O Lord, my God, and my Heavenly Father. Even in my human frailty and weakness, You have remained faithful. You renew Your blessings in my life day after day. I feel the presence of Your Holy Spirit in my life journey all the time. I feel so reassured that I can trust on You, that whatever life throws at me, I have YOUR reassurance that You remain faithful and will not leave me alone. THANK YOU SO MUCH MY FATHER!!! As You continue to fulfil Your promise in my life, My God and my Heavenly Father please help me to fulfil my own commitments to You through the support of Your Holy Spirit. AMEN!!!