Philosophical Reflection on Life: A Message of Hope, Faith, Courage and Triumph

Reflections / 14 May 2017 / 2 mins read

Philosophical Reflection on Life: A Message of Hope, Faith, Courage and Triumph

Dr Benson Ikuesan issues another encouraging message of hope and faith.

Life could sometimes be likened to ‘Santa Claus’, who goes about dishing out presents and gifts to people. However, unlike Santa, the heavily loaded bag dangling across life’s shoulder is full of a mixture of ‘goodies’ [good times] and ‘challenges’ [tough times]. As life goes out and about on its daily rounds, to some people it would throw ‘goodies’, to some it would throw ‘challenges’, and still to others it would throw a mixture of ‘goodies’ and ‘challenges’. Each one of us at some points in our lives will have life’s ‘goodies’ and at other times, life’s ‘challenges’ thrown at us. This is what I call the dualism of life.
Hence, I view life as defined by the dualism of ‘ups’ [triumphs]’ and ‘downs’ [challenges]. Life itself determines which aspect of these two phases it will throw at us at certain times, although sometimes we may play a vital facilitative part in that process.

We often say life is cruel or unkind, especially when we are overwhelmed and perplexed by the challenges [the adverse experiences] that it throws at us. On the contrary, I would, on balance, describe life, as a teacher, an instructor, encourager, enlightener, and a motivator. The adversities or tough times that life throws at us, could be interpreted as being designed to equip and make us more adaptable and resilient, so we can remain strong and courageous in the face of future challenges.

It is worth reminding ourselves that whether we are in the ‘up’ [triumphs] or ‘down’ [challenges] phase of life, it is the HOPE, which we derive from our triumphs and the capacity and COURAGE with which we face and prevail over our challenges that will inspire and enrich us, and ultimately help us to have a more meaningful and healing perspective on life.

Our path in life will not always be littered with roses and gold. There will be the rough and the tumbles, the struggles and the pains. However, if, with the right support at the right time, you can hold your own, and successfully navigate the delicate road of life, then you will have become like the metaphorical raw metal that is put through the furnace of fire; heated, beaten, and melted, but comes out refined, and moulded into an object of great beauty and ornamental value.

When you are going through the rough and the tough, when you are going through the rumbles and tumbles, when you are going through the dribs and the drabs, when you are going through the tempests and tempos of life, what are you making of life and your experience in it?

Would you see yourself as a triumphant victor or a triste victim; a courageous ‘fighter’ or a conceding ‘quitter’? Would you stumble and crumble in the face of the rumblings? Or would you let HOPE prevail and hold your own with the right support?
Note that, the way you appraise yourself and the experiences you’re going through would influence the way you would feel, which in turn, would influence your behaviour and actions.

For, it is not the stuff that life throws at us that matters, but the COURAGE and HOPE that we bring to bear on it. Be reassured, in every dark overcast, there would be a silver lining somewhere. Look out for it! Life is for living and the battle is for fighting! Some you might lose; some you might win. But do not be discouraged.  Do not be afraid. Be bold and be strong! You might be knocked down but don’t be knocked out! Because you will rise up again: much stronger, more confident and resilient than ever before!