The Playing Field

Reflections / 11 Nov 2018 / 1 min read

The Playing Field

Does life sometimes feel like a playing field? In this reflection, we look at this revelation and ask ourselves what sort of life are we pursuing?

Life is a playing field
Sometimes level, at other times, uneven
We’re the players
Our pursuits are the ball
Our destination, the goal-post
Our achievement, the score
And our experience, the Coach

The goal-post could be wide or narrow, high or low
Similarly, the ball, in varying sizes, shapes and forms, it cometh
Big and small, round and oblong, hard and soft, rough and smooth
We hold, head, kick, bounce, or juggle it
We throw, flip and sometimes deflect it
Most of all, with the aim of getting it into the goal-post

How sometimes, we play the wrong ball
How sometimes, we play too many balls all at a time
How sometimes, we incorrectly position the ball
How sometimes, we shift the goal-post
How sometimes, we choose the wrong goal-post

What sort of ball are you playing?
And where is your ball positioned?
Which goal-post are you aiming your ball at?
And how defined and solid is your goal-post?

Where is the Coach in all this?
What amount of trust do we have in the Coach?
What influence is the Coach allowed to have?

How vital it is that the ball is aligned with the goal-post
How vital it is that we keep an eye on the ball
If we’re to get it into the goal-post and score