Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ / 17 Apr 2022 / 2 mins read

Who is Jesus Christ?

We delve into God's word and explore prophecies and promises that help us understand Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the son of the living God. He is provider, healer, counsellor and friend. And through Him all things are possible.

In the bible, Jesus’ coming was foretold hundreds if not thousands of years before his birth. The bible holds over three hundred prophecies on Jesus, of which most have been fulfilled.

Some examples can be found in:

Micah 5v2 which details the birthplace of Jesus, specifying the exact town He would be born in. In Isaiah 7v14 it details He would be born to a virgin who would call Him Emmanuel.

Examples of how Jesus would live His life and the places He travelled can also be found Matthew 2 v13-15 which describes - an angel of the Lord appearing to Joseph in a dream telling him to get up and take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt till the death of King Herod. And so fulfilled what the Lord had said through the prophet which was, ‘out of Egypt I called My Son.’

Another example can be found in Isiah 53v5. It speaks of one suffering servant who suffers because of the sins of others. Jesus fulfilled this prophecy by dying for us on the cross.

There are countless more prophecies surrounding Jesus.

The writers of these prophecies had no way of knowing all of this without the guidance from Jehovah. And it is impossible for Jesus to have influenced the outcome of any of them.

With over three hundred prophecies written about the Messiah it is clear to see that He was an extremely important Person not only to the people at the time but Jehovah too.

Many times in the Bible Jehovah acknowledges Jesus as His Son.
In Matthew 3 - it tells of Jesus’ baptism by His cousin John. As Jesus rose from the water the Heavens opened and Jehovah’s voice boomed out proclaiming Jesus as His Son, who He loves very much.

All this buzz around Jesus but you wouldn’t have met a more humble, forgiving, compassionate and faithful man. The same qualities you’d look for in a friend. The Bible features a plethora of Jesus demonstrating those qualities, here are some of my favourites:

Matthew 14.14 - describes Jesus showing His compassion and healing the sick. Later in the book it details Jesus feeding a crowd of 5000 who had turned up to listen to Him preach.

Jesus had mercy and forgiveness for those who had wronged Him. In Luke, as Jesus was nailed to the cross, He did not ridicule or condemn the people gathered, instead Jesus prayed. He prayed to His Father Jehovah to forgive the people, for they did not know what they were doing. These characteristics are ones that believers of Christ try to emulate with help from the Holy Spirit.

Jesus had an undeniable reputation for being good and caring. Truly He proved to be the Son of the living God.